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The Rotary Club of Oban
The Rotary Club of Oban
The Rotary Club of Oban
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The Friends of Oban Hospice, which is the fund raising arm of the local Hospice Movement, puts on each year "Light up a Life", the organisations chief fund raiser. This involves people in the Oban community being invited to remember a loved one who has gone before by way of a donation in return for the name(s) of the loved one(s) being recorded in a special book which is available for viewing throughout the year at The Dove Centre. The remembrance is also celebrated at an evening at the Corran Halls - this year on 11th December at 7.30pm - against a background of music, singing and appropriate readings.

A total of 8,370 subscription forms have been sent out for this year's event and the cost of printing the forms, the envelopes and the posting thereof has been covered to the extent of £1,000 by the Rotary Club of Oban. Oban Rotary President Iain Mac Intyre , who is also Chairman of "The Friends", is seen here receiving the cheque from Rotary Secretary David Finlayson with other Rotarians and members of "The Friends" also present.

The Rotary Club of Oban through its fund raising remains committed to supporting local initiatives.
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