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The Rotary Club of Oban
The Rotary Club of Oban
The Rotary Club of Oban
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The Rotary Club of Oban contributed £3,000, which was matched by MacQueens Charitable Trust, to cover the overall projected cost of £6,000 in connection with establishing a youth orientated Arts and Crafts Centre to operate as a separate entity from the main "Rockfield Community Centre" building. The latter is in course of delivering a refurbished substantial former derelict school house in the centre of Oban to provide a community hub attracting a cross section of users.

Rotary President Iain Mac Intyre is seen here with Graham MacQuueen, representing MacQueens Charitable Trust , handing over equivalent " cheques" to Oban Communities Trust Chairman Gordon Macnab. Also in the picture is Emily Firth, communications officer for the centre.
Sewing classes are held at the Rockfield Centre as part of its recently established Arts and Culture Initiative and the group led by Co-ordinater Breege Smyth are currently working on delivering up to 10 weighted blankets/shawls for use in local primary schools.

The principle here is that the blankets/shawls are weighted in proportion to a child's weight and these have been proven to offer security and comfort to agitated or distressed children. The blankets/shawls are filled with up to 10 kilos of cherry stones which are quite expensive to buy - the market price of a completed blanket is in the range of £60/£130 which is out with the reach of local primary schools. Oban Rotary donated £200 to the cost of the cherry stones and President Iain Mac Intyre along with fellow Rotarian Walter Burton is seen here with the sewing group going about there business. Walter Is also seen watching the blankets getting filled.

The completed blankets/shawls will be made available to local primary schools in fairly early course.
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