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The Rotary Club of Oban
The Rotary Club of Oban
The Rotary Club of Oban
The Rotary Club of Oban
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The Roses Charitable Trust, which has been in existence for nearly 30 years, delivers challenging personal development outdoor activity courses for groups of young people aged 7 to 21 who are experiencing acute deprivation and social exclusion problems for whatever reason. Typically courses run for 5-7 days and are aimed at promoting individual esteem and a sense of of self worth.

The Rotary Club of Oban recently contributed £250 to the cost of new wet suits for use by the organisation and co-ordinator Kirsty Pallas is seen here receiving the cheque with Rotarians L - R  David Finlayson, Ian MacInnes, Etonella Chriestleib and President Iain Mac Intyre also in the picture.

The RCT activities are now more of less all concentrated in the Glencoe area as opposed to Mull as was the case previously
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