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The Rotary Club of Oban
The Rotary Club of Oban
The Rotary Club of Oban
The Rotary Club of Oban
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President Kees 2020/2021

It is with great pleasure I take the baton from President Douglas Small as new president of Oban Rotary Club. There is, of course, a special challenge for this activity due to Covid-19 and the resulting lockdown, resulting in a loss of income since most, if not all, fundraising activities could not take place. This has a severe impact on our usual activities to raise money for good causes and we will need to find alternative ways to achieve this.

Problems are there to overcome. Rotary International has overcome even more difficult times, like wars, and has always managed to regain its actions and continue with providing help and support to local communities and international aid schemes. Therefore, I am sure that with the help of the usual inventiveness and perseverance always shown by our members we will be able to think of activities suited to cope with these difficult times causing hardship for so many.

In the meantime, Oban Rotary Club has formed a Covid-19 support group, in conjunction with Argyll and Bute Council to deliver prescriptions and shopping to needy people. Also, we were able to continue on a small scale with donations.

We are fortunate to welcome 7 new members, including 3 new ladies, who will be inducted as soon as we can have a meeting to do so.

I hope we will soon be able to increase our revenue and be able to return to our usual level of raising funds so that we can continue to provide donations, help and support to the local community.

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